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is Dates healthy for body?Dates wholesalers on market

Dates wholesalers market is always hot and thriving and has managed to capture a wide range of domestic and foreign markets. You can get the wholesale price of first-class Rabi dates from reputable Iranian sites, and this product can be purchased at cheaper prices in various ways.
 This product is very tasty and delicious and has excellent sales in the market. The bulk price of these dates can be obtained from internet sites.

Dates wholesalers on sale

is Dates healthy for body?

is Dates healthy for body? Many of the health benefits of eating dates include relieving constipation, regulating cholesterol levels, bowel disorders, heart problems, anemia and sexual disorders.
1. Properties of dates for constipation:
The pulp of this fruit improves constipation by modifying the mineral restriction that occurs during constipation. Date fiber is also useful to prevent gastrointestinal cancer. Eating at least 20 to 35 grams of fiber per day can cause stool. You will be soft and prevent this situation.

2. Properties of dates to improve heart health:
Eat only a few dates a day to improve your heart health; Antioxidants in dates prevent atherosclerosis, which basically hardens arteries and causes clots. These antioxidants stimulate the removal of cholesterol from vascular cells. Dates also contain isoflavones, which are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
3. Properties of dates to help regulate cholesterol:
One of the effective benefits is dates. Consumption of dates, even for healthy people, can have a positive effect on cholesterol and oxidative stress. Dates do not contain cholesterol. They are rich in iron and fiber more than bananas.

4. Properties of dates to improve bone health:
Dates are a rich source of copper, magnesium, selenium and manganese – all of which are essential for maintaining healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis-related diseases. Dates are also rich in vitamin K, a blood coagulant and fuel. And your body helps. They also contain boron, which is good for healthy bones.
5. Dates regulate blood pressure:
Dates are rich in potassium and its minerals lower blood pressure. A date palm contains about 167 mg of potassium, which is relatively high compared to other fruits. Not getting enough potassium can also lead to kidney stones, and fiber also stabilizes blood sugar levels. It balances the effects of sodium in your diet, which lowers blood pressure. The fruit’s magnesium relaxes your heart muscle and blood vessels, thereby lowering your blood pressure.
6. Dates increase sexual health

7. Treat diarrhea with the properties of dates:
According to Columbia University Medical Center, diarrhea can be improved or exacerbated by choosing the foods you eat, so choosing the right foods is important. High potassium in dates can help improve your condition.

8. Improve brain health with the properties of dates: The findings are presented to protect against oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. Regular consumption of dates and similar fruits is associated with the risk of neurodegenerative diseases and better cognitive function in the elderly; Another study shows that eating dates can also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Another study says that dates can help prevent inflammation in the brain.
9. Properties of dates to prevent colon cancer:
Consumption of dates can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer, consumption of dates also increases the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and promotes intestinal health. wholesale dates suppliers He was able to make a high profit.

Dates wholesalers on market

Dates wholesalers on market Hajiabad date export is one of the most expensive and best-selling date cultivars. The bulk sale of these dates in Hajiabad region is from 30 thousand to 38 thousand tomans per kilo. First-class dates are suitable for export to most European, Asian and Persian Gulf countries. For information on prices and ordering packaging, you can follow Arad Date Collection.

Dates are semi-dry cultivars with high shelf life. This fruit can be stored at normal temperatures and suitable conditions for more than 18 months. High quality and easy transportation and storage conditions of Pyaram dates have accounted for more than 80% of date exports. South export dates are divided and packaged in super, select, standard and golden grades.

The sweet and chocolate flavor of dates absorbs any taste. In many countries, this date is known as Maryam date. It may be a bit like Rabbi dates in appearance and color, but the different texture and complete adhesion of the date skin to the mantle makes the difference between the two dates.

Annually, more than thousands of tons of first-class dates are harvested in Hajiabad. About 70% of Iran’s date exports are allocated to cultivar. Many European, American and Asian countries import these dates. Russia, UAE, Germany, Canada, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey are the main target markets for date exports.

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Collection Iran’s excellent dates invite you for buy the best Date

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